Freedom Regained audiobook

An audiobook I read a little while back is out on Audible. It's by one of the UK's foremost philosophers, the eminently readable Julian Baggini. I found his musings on the theory and nature of Free Will utterly fascinating. It was one of those audiobooks where I learnt a huge amount!

Here's the synopsis from Audible:

Do we have free will? It's a question that has puzzled philosophers and theologians for centuries and feeds into numerous political, social, and personal concerns. 

Are we products of our culture or free agents within it? How much responsibility should we take for our actions? Are our neural pathways fixed early on by a mixture of nature and nurture, or is the possibility of comprehensive, intentional psychological change always open to us? What role do our brains play in the construction of free will, and how much scientific evidence is there for the existence of it? What exactly are we talking about when we talk about 'freedom' anyway? 

In this cogent and compelling book, Julian Baggini explores the concept of free will from every angle, blending philosophy, neuroscience, sociology and cognitive science. Freedom Regained brings the issues raised by the possibilities - and denials - of free will to vivid life, drawing on scientific research and fascinating encounters with expert witnesses, from artists to addicts, prisoners to dissidents. 

Contemporary thinking tells us that free will is an illusion, and Baggini challenges this position, providing instead a new, more positive understanding of our sense of personal freedom: a freedom worth having. 

Julian Baggini's books include The Ego Trick, Welcome to Everytown, What's It All About? - Philosophy and the Meaning of Life and The Pig That Wants to be Eaten, all published by Granta Books. He writes for several newspapers and magazines and is cofounder of The Philosophers' Magazine.

The audiobook is out now on download only and can be bought from Audible here. You can find more audiobooks performed, directed or written by me in my shop, with titles available either on CD (which can be autographed) or download.

If you'd prefer to read the book for yourself, you can find it on Amazon here: