Dark Light - music by Howard Carter

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Dark Light - music by Howard Carter


An instrumental album by Howard Carter, inspired by his acclaimed music for the Textbook Stuff audiobooks. Produced by Barnaby Edwards.

Duration: 86 minutes
Released: August 2011
Format: Unabridged MP3 download

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Howard Carter has been at the heart of Textbook Stuff from the very beginning. His music and sound design have defined the feel of all our releases and we've loved his work so much that we've always included special music suites on each of our titles. It was our initial intention to augment these suites with other incidental music from each release and compile them into a single soundtrack album, but that seemed slightly tame. After all, you'd heard it all before.

Instead, Howard came up the idea of Dark Light - eight brand new pieces of music inspired by his work on our first four horror and poetry titles. Each suite has been composed from scratch in a style to suit the subject matter: a Symphonic Poem for Edgar Allan Poe, a full-blown overture for Robert Browning and so on. The result is an album positively fizzing with Howard's characteristic energy, lyricism and inventiveness.


Prelude - The Signalman
Styrian Suite - 1. Walpurgisnacht
Styrian Suite - 2. Into the Forest
Styrian Suite - 3. Countess Dolingen
Styrian Suite - 4. Dracula's Guest
Symphonic Poem - The Pit and the Pendulum
The Three Crowns Suite - 1. Rendlesham
The Three Crowns Suite - 2. The Drowned Palace
The Three Crowns Suite - 3. Seaburgh
Lamentation - 1. October
Lamentation - 2. Rain, Midnight Rain
Lamentation - 3. England Beautiful
Fantasia - Goblin Market
Marvell Dances - 1. Prelude
Marvell Dances - 2. Allemande
Marvell Dances - 3. Courante
Marvell Dances - 4. Sarabande
Marvell Dances - 5. Bourrée
Marvell Dances - 6. Gigue
Overture - Roland's Ride

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