Winston Churchill audiobook

I've been recording an unabridged audiobook of Winston Churchill's fascinating Thoughts and Adventures. He's such a wonderful writer and this is one of the most enjoyable audiobooks I've narrated. Published in 1932, it contains Churchill's knockout essay 'Fifty Years Hence' in which the great man predicts not only World War Two and the atom bomb, but also drone warfare and even Skype!

Here's the synopsis from Audible:

This wide-ranging collection of essays allows the contemporary reader to grasp the extraordinary variety and depth of the statesman's mature thoughts on questions, both grave and gay, facing modern man. 

Churchill begins by asking what it would be like to live your life over again and ends by describing his love affair with painting. In between he touches on subjects as diverse as spies, cartoons, submarines, elections, flying, and the future. 

Reading these essays, originally dictated late at night in the 1920s in his study as the 'pot-boilers', first published in magazines and newspapers, by which he was able to support his family and live like a lord without inherited wealth, is like being invited to dinner at his country seat at Chartwell, where the soup was limpid, Pol Roger champagne flowed, the pudding had a theme, and Churchill entertained lucky visitors with vivid conversation, dominated by himself.

The audiobook will be coming out on download only on 15 October and can be pre-ordered from Audible here. You can find more audiobooks performed, directed or written by me in my shop, with titles available either on CD (which can be autographed) or download.

If you'd prefer to read the book for yourself, you can find it on Amazon here: